the stars, the sea, and sleep.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Rush/No Rush

Go, go, go, go pedal to the floor!
We could've robbed the place
The way we ran out that door
Pressed for time,
Holding the second hands back
You start up the car...
Do they know who we are?
So we get done and get out
With the east in our eyes
And I stopped by the house
To say my goodbyes...

But then came the tipping
The great slowing down
God brought out his scales
Omnipotence renowned

And then it was found
Retracing our tracks...
I was making good friends
With all the red lights
Easy on the breaks
While you rested your eyes
We kept it silent
We kept it pure
Because every moment after this
Would be another spent in reminisce
And when I get old, if fate lets it be
All I'll have left will be stubs and receipts

So I hope that you know
We both breathe the same air
Even if it's not seen,
Just know that it's there.

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