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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Come In: A Pacifist's and A Warlord's Post-War Economic Rebuilding

I'll be your Gandhi
You'll be my soldier
And together
We'll make each other
That much bolder
And act that much older...
So if secrets make us weaker,
We'll talk and we'll talk
Until truth's bread tastes sweeter.

Because you, my dear, don't carry guns
My youthful, smiling, and radiant one.
You draw rainbows on the clip
You tie the barrel in a knot
And put flowers in the nozzle
That were placed on your plot.
Because they thought you'd die!
With domestic dreams gunned down
And you'd slit your own throat
With the sharpest of frowns.

But you carry masks
And you carry smarts,
You carry strength
And you carry heart

And as long as you make me feel like
I'm doing this job right,
I'll keep the doors unlocked
And together we'll run this shop,
Because we've both got our tongues
But we've both got our ears
And we've both got our hopes and
Right now we're open.

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