the stars, the sea, and sleep.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Hey, Tell Me If You Get This One

The scariest thing that has happened to me
Was with someone standing next to me
Towards the mirror we faced
And there I saw a face I didn't recognize.
I don't know these eyes
I don't know these lips
Fuck, who the hell is this?

He had dropped those two words,
Like how stars drop from the sky
And fall into the eerily calm sea,
So they fell from his lips so casually
And my back doors were replaced with black holes
And there was no running now.
As if I even knew how.
So I withdrew from The Bank of What's and How So's
And he stepped on the gas knowing how it would go
And I was the deer in the headlights who knew
But still played it off like I didn't have a clue.

If I had the chance,
I'd tell her I really wish she wouldn't
But what can I expect from an actress with respect?
I'm the hit.
You're the mob.
But it's okay, it's only your job.
Just unscrew your halo burnt out in its socket
And recite those Hail Mary's on the script in your pocket
Tearing at the creases from habitual use
Guilty of murder and substance abuse
The substance is guile and it's been a while
Since you've showed me through touch,
through words, or through looks,
Something that could pass as a glimmer of truth

But now the dogs are barking with their noses erect
So I throw my pennies in the hole to make my wish direct
Enough with the twirls and hypnotic swirls,
I'm calling you out.

This soundtrack won't work
If the crowd goes berserk
When my lullabies bring out their painful cries.
Only werewolves sing to the moon.
Tell that to Claude and Clair de Lune.
So keep the master copy in the basement
This was a result of poor product placement

But I can look in the mirror,
See myself and get pissed,
And say:
The world is too beautiful to look like this.

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benafito said...

Did I tell you that I really dig this poem? It's surreally cool (much better than just "really cool").

btw: you have so many more followers than me! makes me feel like a loser...........just joking