the stars, the sea, and sleep.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Knowing My Limits

I test her wind and I test her waters
And as the engine room gets a bit hotter,
I release.
I only travel as far as we please
And let the grinding gears come to ease
Only after burning to the third degree...

But as things cool and simmer down
The damage has already been done:
The water has been tread and its waves overrun,
The anchors have left scars in your skin
That catch a little sand every now and then.
It irritates the wound and reminds you of me,
Already moved on to another virgin sea.

I was once homeward bound and still maintain my quest
But I'll abandon the stars at my heart's request
And I've drifted so far from that "x" on my map
And now I'm trapped in my fresh-resin vessel,
Dancing with icebergs and swinging on the poles
And the stars turn their backs to reveal black holes.

So I hold out my bait in front of the radio transmitter
To maybe catch static hope in the dead of winter
And if I radioed you, would your love guide me home?
Because this is my S.O.S.
And I think I've finally grown.

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benafito said...

third base...nice!

HAHA, just kidding. Very tight post man.