the stars, the sea, and sleep.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Roslyn In My Ears

Anticipated stream, a gleam from
The brightest I've ever seen a deep crystal blue
After washing away every single untruth.
A moonlight boomerang,
It's coming back again.
It's loving back again,
Losing the crisis
Of sitting quietly in a chair,
Seeing this sight
Breathing this light
Drinking this air, so thick
Of something that has always been here.
She is softly swaying back and forth
Humming the strum that makes me think,
This will work.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

This Time Around

I feel the pressure beneath my lids
Street lights by a booth give
Soft lights,
Soft seats
Softer smile.
I have truly found something.
But I should be a lawyer,
Adult time at 5am
With a cold glass of water
And everything is okay.
Patterned sips
For every quip,
Cleaning up where I had slipped,
But some of me fell straight to hell
To justify what I do so well.

Monday, December 28, 2009

The Mines In My Backyard Are Mine

With the greenest grass on top
We can stop the most obvious appearances.
But are they low enough for clearance?
I fear that they'll fall to the floor
In fits of laughter,
Though I insist
That after all of this blows over
Like the wisps of hair
That I try to comb over,
They'll just be older kids.
They're all just that today
And no matter how hard they try,
We could never let them out to play.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Gently Rock the Cradle

Long stares take you one more up
The flight gives its light
When you can finally trust
But right now,
You're bounded to hell,
Given buckets of water
Of youth from a well...
But I never asked, if you couldn't tell.
Because I can tell for you
These lines, designed by you
Before you recycled,
Everything is rewound,
The winding sound stops.
Something here isn't mine,
But I take it all the same,
Filling holes with the goals
I haven't yet defined.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Precious Precocious

You're scaring yourself with
Hypothetical monsters.
They scheme in your closest
And dress you up with
Every fashionable frightening.
Your Sunday's best is your funeral
And you die with the weight
Of all that you wear.
It's hard to keep your hands
So tightly clasped together
When you've become this self-aware.

49 Minutes Later...

We made our greatest wishes
In our secret, silent ways
Some vague for some complacency
When faced with space to say,
I'm abused from excess truth
But I would do it anyway,
So we wait a little longer
Until the soft lights fade away.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

I Would've Sent You Flowers

You have to be out here for something
Everyone is out here for someone
Let our red ribbons go undone
Let it slip so smoothly
So soothingly
Against your hair
Against your skin.
It feels cool and refreshing.
But it's still the same,
Faces stay fixed
Once fit in a frame. Guilty of what
You didn't want to be blamed for.
The jury's quietly hung because I'm sure
Your name is the magic
And holiday fear
...It might as well.
Your translucent shell was made for lucid dreams,
But it's Christmas Eve
And still I wish we didn't leave.


Push it out
Pull it out,
It never does seem quite right.
The almost ghost is there
Floating in and out of light.
Falling backwards,
Reaching forwards
Teaching more words to myself
Because the bandages won't stick
To the moisture of my mouth.
I was grasping for things to sing about.
But my speech is not rich
To purchase a vowel,
So I wipe up my water
With stained paper towels.

With My Back to the Basics

Everyone has their own drama
And retraces lines
In near-perfect steps.
Check under the table,
Gum and something won again,
So I just avoid the question.
Nothing is broken,
Just needing correction
But with running water
Running hot in my head,
I think I've been led
To damning connections.
You're dropping rocks in my river
Of the always-forgiver,
And these eyes are turning jaundice
From the strain on my mind's liver.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Route End 66

A quaint little frame to claim
Stretching its arms out into the sea
Being nudged by the waves perpetually.
Eventually, your eyes adjust
To the sighing sea water
And accented rust.
This memory is robust:
The loudest colors
The brightest sounds
The darkest depths
The highest clouds.
We make mischievous laughter,
Foreboding joyous corruption
A sole light exploding in slow motion.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Middle

There are graces in the spaces
Where quiet is kept.
The pace that we left has changed,
The laces are pretty again
Because it all ties together in the end.
Unspoken amends lend a helping hand
When confronting this line
On the same side we stand
The safe side we ran
With coinciding breaths,
A sigh of relief
That now greets me with rest.

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Leave your courtesy on my cheek
All of your problems seem meek for once
A sheep for once,
Guided by the sight over your walls
When you feel safe for once
And at once let them fall.
Sip on city light seas
Find a separate ease
As clocks float away in a light breeze.
And we can finally breathe
With the softly fading ticks.
There's a powerful hit
And there's glass on our lips.
Theses are highs rediscovered,
Moments for which
I would not trade another.
Said like anything short of lovers,
"Put your arm around me, motherfucker!"

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Broken Loops Unspoken Through

My innocence was put in
Associate deposits.
But it would've been better kept
Somewhere under my mattress.
And even though I left with nothing
I came back with more than I had.
Do you still wander
Even when echoes don't call
Let alone respond?
There was always something off
That I could never get to
So please, just let me know
When I should come and get you.

Friday, December 18, 2009

You (pl.)...Those Other Others

Sitting sound with serpents,
Let's talk about those things
That hiss
Something I was never a part of
Apart from this.
I don't know us
I don't know this
Singing and swinging
Into arms,
Up in arms
Not quite the defensive,
Just trying to stay
Away from the fence.
There's a lot of dust
That comes with
Coming to the ground
Nothing's coming up
So now I'm sitting down.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bitterness (and Commercials)

I've been awoken from a coma
A prison of the brilliant prism
That is my mind,
Serving twenty-five years
Of what seemed like a life,
But was only an eighth.
This is some sort of
Fantasy of choice,
But fake-smile voices
Advertise songs
I know better than they do.
Claiming them to a life
They don't even pertain to.
Robbing uniqueness,
33,000 feet in the sky,
But we never dream of the cost.
Hours gained and then lost,
Then gained and lost.
Sometimes you just have to trust
Because there's nothing else under you
But air.
And somehow you're not falling
Even if no one is there.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Worn-Out SoCal Slip-Ons

I remember running into the sea
With the other half of me.
Someone has been watching me,
Caring for the wounds they inflict
When everything gets violent.
When trauma from the dramatic event,
Pragmatic intentions so I won’t remember
Drinking coffee from a mug
(Or tea from a thermos),
That meeting in Montauk
Because I just
Don’t want to drive anyone anymore.
Gasping for air,
Grasping for hair,
I got it but I don’t get it
In perspective to a former self.
I guess I understand what you meant,
Because I think about it every moment.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Fade Out

I went for warmth and froze in burns.
Cigarette holes in my memory
As the cancer is sucked right from the source.
Walls of wax can't stand in the heat of real life,
The series of bad decisions
And inopportune timing
With bullet precision.
This life doesn't run on morality.
Deserving is subservient to the human capacity.
It has no tenacity in the oiled rigging
Of chance,
The greatest lie
Is that everything would be alright.
Hold that against every reason why
Everything once dying is dead.
Dead weight on my encasing,
The pressure in my head.
Hold that against wishing the best,
A silent panic,
Insufficient breaths.
This path is paved with leech,
Here is the momentous breach.
For my own lessons, I surely teach:
Stability is lost, too far out of reach.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Airplane Friends pt. 2

And what we are left with
Are songs that made themselves,
As the notes that feel like ghosts
When I pick them from the shelves.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Before Infinite, Indefinite Paths

In a shortness of breath,
I let this one out
In the wispiest whispers
So they might float about.
Ever so calmly,
Through the stars we are hurled.
But cheek muscles tug,
And these fingers uncurl...

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Airplane Friends

Laughter travels down the gateway,
I couldn't find a safer way home.
But there's a shaky ascension
With the intentions I've flown.
Watch the wishes you whisper to the sky
To which they lose speed and feed themselves,
Idling high.
They congest into traffic,
And the static in the radio box.
And your best thought up inventions
Become your worst intentions crossed.
Too many terminals will terminate them all.
So put your knees on the tarmac
And light them home with your heart
You'd be skittish not to finish
What you wanted from the start.
It is my most worshiped sin
To which I could never give in,
Leaping out in vain
Just to make the quickest friends.
Because planes were not made to reach for the stars,
So we build silk friends from the liars that we are.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Slipping out the Back

God sprinkled triggers all over this world
The sweetness he feeds us
And makes us unfurl.
Here in this basement
Are spotlights and twirls
Living a dream for most boys and girls.
It was surely a suave and selfish display
Of the thing that will do me in one of these days.

A later me found irony in a storage room
Bundling up for the blustery cold.
So that know one would know,
Bearing that jacket like a brand
Standing out because I know I can't stand
Hands turning over,
Over and over.

We will never get too old for this
Adding more verbs to a list in pen:
To hint,
To bend,
To make pretend
It's much mightier than the sword
When it can't cut permanent, precessing words,
Redressing words, it still means the same thing.
It sings the same ring,
The incessant, incandescent and ominous swing.

This night will end and I'll close my eyes
With a gift still wrapped while the other let me lie,
It let me slip out the back into the cold, dying night
Making everything older without tasting of wine.
I'm out of lines,
Out of time,
Out of sight
Out of mind.
It's the same end,
With a pen that just

Fruits and Fermentation

The neurons are quiet
But the riot rages on.
The sky is pages long
Of watercolors drowning a vast sea,
All eyes are on me
And I can still breathe,
This is ignorance and bliss,
This is temporary free.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Compass in the Fog

Little beads knock at the window,
They're all just trying to hold on.
They slip and stain
Into the tiniest veins
That run down the glass,
This heartbeat is strong.
So long,
They run down the cracks on the walls
Spilling every secret,
Dropping every call.

Rain mixes with phrases
And together they fall
And together is fate,
When they turn to the weight
On the shoulders of your coat.
Crooked lampposts
Leave ghosts burned into my eyes
From every day replayed,
Just shifted to the side.

Father, I have sinned.
My tongue speaks of lies to mute cries from within.
There's a devil inside that my mind has born
That singes mind's bridges
But nonetheless, keeps me warm.
I just want to stay warm,
I just want to stay warm.

I'm waiting for waiting with a purpose intact.
I'm trading umbrellas for places on maps.
If I wanted my peace,
I would've cut and dug in.
But I just want to stay warm,
Despite this storm setting in.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I Dream of FCC

It's four in the morning and I'm heading home,
Bobbing my head to the melodic drone...
I peel back the ceiling: banana split skies,
Fissioned by the the vision
Of natures valiant try.
I retraced the dreams
Left in turbines and steam
As planes slowly drifted and wandered towards home.
People fall out, leaving bodies still intact
Runways strung with light, so their lightness is led back.
But regardless, those harnessed in those seats
Are different by the landing's screech.
Some have eyes that forget how to meet,
While others are blurs in the passenger seat.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Shape-Shifter State-Drifter

You're changing the gears and hum to their grind,
You're asleep at the wheel and can't stay in the lines.
Crash your car in a ditch because you had the time
Put a stitch in your heart when there's no room in mine.
Turn around, here's your silent-sound siren
There is no use getting loud
When you're high off the ground,
Lost somewhere in effervescent clouds
Of what you thought made you proud.
They just hiss and I miss
What innocence I let you keep.
It leaks and speaks of something wrong,
You're hurdling on and your traction is gone
And you're driving with your blinders
And you won't ever find us now.
You are the fire that fuels your own hell
You are a ghost that haunts this cold shell.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Comfort In Displacement

Short-lived dreams fall from northeastern skies,
Perfect in crystal state,
But the disintegrate before their secrets can be told.
Our hearts are too warm to ever beat through that cold,
Standing on the porch like it was a decade ago,
Ice on the steps,
Lawn covered in snow.
I'm blanketed in a fresh white sheet
And tucked into discrete corners of maps.
I'd nap with eyes wide open,
I've once dreamed of this day.
Speechless in the creases
With the pieces to play every breath with a reason
Every heartbeat in treason
When the lights burn on an empty stage
And I wait for the hand that will turn a new page.

Splice and Loop

Clever lines wind up in someone else's mouth
And I admire them greatly.
A higher state innately,
But that's just reading between the lines.
Like the one that snagged and pulled me back
Like the one that snagged and pulled me back
Like the one that snagged and pulled me back
To my bed every night.
My frame of mind is just a still
Of a work print wound of bed hair and lint
And borrowed stories for the night,
Just so it doesn't get too quiet.
And this perfection was painted in cinematic display,
But the sun got bored and instead called it a day.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Flower In Waiting

Blossom, you do sit so quietly
I've been a riot ever since you bowed out politely.
Your lightness is quite like this dizzy feeling
As my head floats up and hits the ceiling
And Stucco falls down like snow.
If any made a sound, I well would have known,
But you were neatly tucked in a sheet of time.
You are fermented grapes that I've left to wait
In hopes of returning the sweetest of wines.

Cooled Air and Shattered Glass

I'm breathing azure crystal shards
Scarring knotted vessels broken
For the proudest colored heart,
I'm dreaming now with eyes wide open.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

For Jenna, A Moment Ago

I'm defined by a line that dances with ease,
The rolls like the waves the lap at my knees
And I'm brave when this knave
Makes the greatest of leaps.
The laughs in the trees are carried in the wind,
Stiff birds in the sky seem to fly paper thin,
Carrying me to my dreams,
Burying the fairytale in the clouds and the steam.
There's a gleam to the engines
With their sugary pistons,
Though needing depleting warm water and kisses.
The hottest core was once a heart,
The blueprint was stolen
And the bones, picked apart.
Even skeletons are treasures
Not measured by greed,
But by maker,
The baker of everything sweet.