the stars, the sea, and sleep.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Fade Out

I went for warmth and froze in burns.
Cigarette holes in my memory
As the cancer is sucked right from the source.
Walls of wax can't stand in the heat of real life,
The series of bad decisions
And inopportune timing
With bullet precision.
This life doesn't run on morality.
Deserving is subservient to the human capacity.
It has no tenacity in the oiled rigging
Of chance,
The greatest lie
Is that everything would be alright.
Hold that against every reason why
Everything once dying is dead.
Dead weight on my encasing,
The pressure in my head.
Hold that against wishing the best,
A silent panic,
Insufficient breaths.
This path is paved with leech,
Here is the momentous breach.
For my own lessons, I surely teach:
Stability is lost, too far out of reach.

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