the stars, the sea, and sleep.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Compass in the Fog

Little beads knock at the window,
They're all just trying to hold on.
They slip and stain
Into the tiniest veins
That run down the glass,
This heartbeat is strong.
So long,
They run down the cracks on the walls
Spilling every secret,
Dropping every call.

Rain mixes with phrases
And together they fall
And together is fate,
When they turn to the weight
On the shoulders of your coat.
Crooked lampposts
Leave ghosts burned into my eyes
From every day replayed,
Just shifted to the side.

Father, I have sinned.
My tongue speaks of lies to mute cries from within.
There's a devil inside that my mind has born
That singes mind's bridges
But nonetheless, keeps me warm.
I just want to stay warm,
I just want to stay warm.

I'm waiting for waiting with a purpose intact.
I'm trading umbrellas for places on maps.
If I wanted my peace,
I would've cut and dug in.
But I just want to stay warm,
Despite this storm setting in.

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