the stars, the sea, and sleep.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Slipping out the Back

God sprinkled triggers all over this world
The sweetness he feeds us
And makes us unfurl.
Here in this basement
Are spotlights and twirls
Living a dream for most boys and girls.
It was surely a suave and selfish display
Of the thing that will do me in one of these days.

A later me found irony in a storage room
Bundling up for the blustery cold.
So that know one would know,
Bearing that jacket like a brand
Standing out because I know I can't stand
Hands turning over,
Over and over.

We will never get too old for this
Adding more verbs to a list in pen:
To hint,
To bend,
To make pretend
It's much mightier than the sword
When it can't cut permanent, precessing words,
Redressing words, it still means the same thing.
It sings the same ring,
The incessant, incandescent and ominous swing.

This night will end and I'll close my eyes
With a gift still wrapped while the other let me lie,
It let me slip out the back into the cold, dying night
Making everything older without tasting of wine.
I'm out of lines,
Out of time,
Out of sight
Out of mind.
It's the same end,
With a pen that just

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