the stars, the sea, and sleep.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Shape-Shifter State-Drifter

You're changing the gears and hum to their grind,
You're asleep at the wheel and can't stay in the lines.
Crash your car in a ditch because you had the time
Put a stitch in your heart when there's no room in mine.
Turn around, here's your silent-sound siren
There is no use getting loud
When you're high off the ground,
Lost somewhere in effervescent clouds
Of what you thought made you proud.
They just hiss and I miss
What innocence I let you keep.
It leaks and speaks of something wrong,
You're hurdling on and your traction is gone
And you're driving with your blinders
And you won't ever find us now.
You are the fire that fuels your own hell
You are a ghost that haunts this cold shell.

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KateA said...

This is incredible.