the stars, the sea, and sleep.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Airplane Friends

Laughter travels down the gateway,
I couldn't find a safer way home.
But there's a shaky ascension
With the intentions I've flown.
Watch the wishes you whisper to the sky
To which they lose speed and feed themselves,
Idling high.
They congest into traffic,
And the static in the radio box.
And your best thought up inventions
Become your worst intentions crossed.
Too many terminals will terminate them all.
So put your knees on the tarmac
And light them home with your heart
You'd be skittish not to finish
What you wanted from the start.
It is my most worshiped sin
To which I could never give in,
Leaping out in vain
Just to make the quickest friends.
Because planes were not made to reach for the stars,
So we build silk friends from the liars that we are.

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