the stars, the sea, and sleep.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

This Note Was Supposed To Be Burned

I was anxiously waiting
As you spelled out silent secrets
Until they decomposed
And you fell asleep.

But as soon as I forgot,
You forgot your need.
And it was then when we proceeded,
Step by step,
As slow as we needed.
A succession of breaths
From yours to mine
Varying by position
Varying in time.
But this lab needs no coats
And this reality needs no hope
Because this is all I need,
And you are all I need.

Our innocent traits
Reach through these guilty gates
With our courteous sieves
And we keep eye contact
When it tightens and gives
Tightens and gives.
Opened or closed,
Heavy or slow,
The inexplicable lives
When it tightens and gives.

Images and
Of softest touch
Of softest voice
This is freedom of thirst
This is freedom of choice.

The Californian lifestyle
And our colorful lights I'll
Hang like streamers
On this commercial jet.
And you'll grab them tight,
And I will too,
Because of this something I've found
That I'll never forget.

And my biggest clue
Was that it was there
Before I even knew.
Before I even saw it.
Before I could draw the masks
Out of my closet.
Flimsy and elastic,
Of paper
Of plastic.
And yet,
Still you laughed and you cried...
Before the red was even drawn.

It is that yawn
When you feel that long drive coming on
It is that kiss good night
When you feel that something here is right.
It was when,
I knew you then.
This is how,
I feel you now.

I do not know what love will be,
But it seems that I've lost the necessity to dream...

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