the stars, the sea, and sleep.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Magnet Theory

This moment is a moment
And forever never more...
But preceding the dream
Came much closer things,
The tidal turns that context brings.
But within or without,
The riptide may not hide
What sandy assumptions buried in confidence.

In this once thought of providence,
One can get close, but can never stay,
And this asymptotic function goes both ways.
And I found the problematic solution
Indifferent in resolution
In the wine on his breath
And buzz in his eyes.

And as the old man preached
I mistakened his scent for my own
And it sent me months back
To laughing at the sun
Burning in playful embarrassment
And leaning on its shoulders,
At least ten fold in strength,
On a rooftop overlooking the Mexican border...

And so when it comes to the theory
Of relations and lies,
Things are more or less

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