the stars, the sea, and sleep.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Manquer et Aimer

Sunrays cascade on familiar grounds
And shake from the courtyards
Familiar sounds.
It is the warmth of vibartion
From the sunlight and the voices
That will forever,
Remind me of my choices.

They're the ones that I made
And the ones that made me,
When I never thought to let go
Of that tough, bloody organ
As I clutched it by the aches
Until it was sore again.

These four colors
Are the last of their kind
That I'll ever see.
But as I twirl with brushes
On my radial edges,
The ledge extends
And becomes so much steeper
As the mixed paints bring meaning
To a depth so much deeper.

It is the abyss of blind bliss
Found in absence of light
So it may not be found with the power of sight,
But by giving that tough, bloody organ a fight.

Et à la fin de ce bon journée,
Je n'avais pas vécu ce dont j'ai rêvé.
J'avais rêvé de quoi j'ai vécu,
Et je me lamente sur le temps j'ai perdu.

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