the stars, the sea, and sleep.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

One Picture

I put on my gloves
And my mouth guard in
Two thousand and twenty four
That's where I weigh in,
Nothing more...
It's all about perspective:
If you make it small enough
Life will call your bluff
And take your two thousand
And twenty four,
Nothing more.

It's all a different story
When the story's right in front of you,
Seventeen years
Of love, lust, and fears,
From dizzy sips
To counting ships,
From soggy sand
To alt rock bands,
From trips in the car
To shots in the dark,
From dancing all night
To first morning light
From scarves and gloves
To long lost loves
From finish to start
It's all there to score,
My sole two thousand
And twenty four.

You want to see who I am?
Just look up above.
I don't want to talk about love,
Or my lack thereof.
My head hits the ceiling
With my feet on the floor,
Clearance: Two thousand and twenty four,
...Nothing more.

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