the stars, the sea, and sleep.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

False Pretenses and The Event Horizon

I winced at your proclamation:
You'll go out cold, rejecting the donors
On matters of their owners.
You are no martyr, just a starter of fires
And your vacant claims put us all on the stake.

This is a travesty of the chemicals I call love.
But the days grapple over one another
And the muscles in my face knot
So these expressions, I've forgotten.

And this deceptive film over my eyes
Has got me counting
Phantom stars in the sky
One, two, then one again
This tearjerking motion will never end.
Throw me the tissues,
We've all got our issues.
Just where are you heading
When you're bedding with sheddings?

Sleep now, or never hold your peace,
Because I'm already in pieces
And there are no sins left
To die for my Jesus.

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