the stars, the sea, and sleep.

Friday, December 26, 2008

A Christian Ghost Town

It was one of those days I couldn't sleep in
I was rudely awoken by the drop of a pin
A mom tells her child, "Inside you must stay.
It's kind to give time for the tumbleweed's play."
All stores are closed
And a great silence falls
Everything has been bought
From the markets and malls

Cars sleep in their cells
And single Jingle Bells
Honking the seasonal tune
With bows on their hoods
And trunks filled with goods
With fashions as hot as mid-June
The housewives will squeal
And their cheating will yield
Until husbands foresee the gloom:
Tomorrow is near
And the water's not clear
The pool boy will be coming soon...

There's a sickness outside!
It's called Christmas cheer
And it fell down your chimneys
And got in your beers
It got in the cookies
You left for Saint Nick
And now whole the world
Is all Christmas-sick.

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