the stars, the sea, and sleep.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Unequal Distribution of the Yellow Prison Solstice

The sun projects bars with the blinds in my room
Waking me, trapped in silence consumed.
I ask the sun, "What does the day have in store?"
He says, "Un-oiled doors and creaky wood floors."
And by that moment, I knew he had won
But let me tell you how it all had begun:

I challenged the sky and its selfish views
I told them to untie the knots in my shoes
"No you're not so blue and you haven't a clue
So let me tell you what you never knew:
Give me sentinels that man my doors
That squeak in the hinges and cold hallway floors,
Give me shadows that will darken my walls
Of black and relentless wrought iron bars,
Give me all this, if there's truth in your call
That I'll only find balance once I've taken the fall."

But Soleil's slow set was one I would regret
When it spread to the skies and blinded my eyes,
My irises melted by him, the great sun,
The heliocentric and cancerous one.

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