the stars, the sea, and sleep.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Six to the left!

I had said yes, and didn't know why!
But now god couldn't take it back,
No matter how hard he tried.

I practice my 15 step as I parallel park,
The violent motion has my eyes going dark...
Neon signs
Waiting lines
And a pleasant surprise!
I take a deep breath
And close my eyes...
Be it divine intervention
or intelligent design
Fate has never woven
Such a fabric so fine.

But set that aside
And watch the stars collide
As we sip on our coffee
Just to pass the time
On benches, on curbs
Whatever you find absurd.
You can call us eccentric,
But we're called artsy nerds.

So the flashes will fly
And catch strangers' eyes
Who envy what we'll never lose:
The laughs, the grooves,
The big city blues,
Your options are there,
You just have to choose.
Besides, I'm just a boy
Crazy boy...
Stay cool, boy.

So I'll hang from the street lights
So I can click my heels
And wish to the stars
For how it all really feels.

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