the stars, the sea, and sleep.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Despair & Happiness

Oh, the sky has turned to gold!
The fires have burned our wealth into the sky
So now the clouds are worth more than the cars that drive by
Sit with me and we'll think of what could
As the sweet smoke stings our eyes
And our nostrils fill with the smell of wet wood
Will you share this daylong sunset with me?
And if we die, right here, right now
I think I might just hold your hand
So you won't get lost,
In the fields of Elysium.

Here the rain falls, but the sun doth shine!
And I am forever yours,
As long as you're forever mine.
Spectrum in the sky!
Spectrum in the sky!
Put your raincoat on
And wear those rubber boots high!
Because you'd never ever think
We'd be the stars shining above
To guide ships to safe harbor
To remind the ones you love
That you're still well looked over
Though you are no longer alive
Because here, in the absence of time
You lay your hand,
Forever in mine...

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