the stars, the sea, and sleep.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Sizzlers at the End of the Week

I was shook by sun,
Awoken from a slumber numbered low,
A solid dream tearing at the seams
With ghosts of what I needed know.
Itchy with integrals stuck in my hair
With genotypes, phenotypes,
See, no one is there to make a capital letter,
A dominance like the prominent annual weather.
And whether or not it was what I was seeking,
The literacy narratives were certainly speaking
Incessantly, restlessly, needless to say,
Working non-stop for this unconscious day.
Disconnected body and brain
That the rain short circuited,
Hot-churning all day.
Ease is that thing that I've almost forgotten,
Open-palmed, soothing balm
And a brain stem unknotted...
It's easy to forget all but what we will have
And you don't even know how I want it so bad.
The freedom to breathe,
The freedom to sleep,
The freedom to keep on the beat,
The freedom to see onwards into my dreams,
The freedom to freely be me.

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