the stars, the sea, and sleep.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Relay: 2 (Purple)

Everything is in slow motion
As the commotion dissolves into a muffled mist,
In which a soothing consumes
To put a kiss in your hand.
Arms spread, your wingspan,
With feet only lightly touching soft grass
That is flush in the presence of elegant spring.
The rush of the air makes your joyous lungs
Sing out! Bring out the the life
That the the clouds tried to hide!
When the world's upside down, your eyes paint the sky
And your hair lays down in silk roots and branches
And rivers expansive...I dare not take a second glance,
Staring at the sun for another chance
To take a gander at a dream,
To break apart the art received.
It's more than life's colors, in which these eyes are caught,
It's dancing with imagining and playing with the thought.

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