the stars, the sea, and sleep.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Know What You're Missing

I'll make myself a name with a catchy subtitle,
Because up on that shelf
Of the things that just couldn't be helped,
The hooks are overrated,
And the storyline pining has gotten outdated.
Yeah, they're better off kept as ornaments
Since at the moment,
I've got my own pen scribbling,
Nibbling at the mind candy called change
Once I've dusted trusted places
And have these faces all arranged.
I'm surprised these books have kept their spines;
They're colorful, dirty, tattered,
And mine.
Torn and worn in, still all unsorted,
Like the state I was in, but then left in '09.
The mountains bowed and the waves waved goodbye.
At least I could have sworn...
California, I should have warned her,
But I've worn winter jackets and seen eastern shore,
Though I was born in her arms in a t-shirt and shorts.
Nevermore, not to worry, I'll be back in a month
And for the better, without a sweater,
The old me will be gone.
Tummy, tummy, pocket, pocket,
I've found my precious friends, now lock it.
So don't you bring me down,
With your lead heart that I'm dismissing.
Not long from now, I'll be back home,
So that you know just what you're missing.

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