the stars, the sea, and sleep.

Friday, February 19, 2010

The Allstate Guy Has Great Hands

It is smell of cigarettes and failed ambition
That puts my condition into perspective.
There is no prescription receptive of
These waters, the hotter they get.
That pass down my throat
Leaving a coat of regret.
Who is the envious one
When you look at the person to your left,
Where getting what they want
Is getting what they get?
Why is the person to your right
Living their dream on only the inside,
But have somehow convinced themselves
That they will die alright
From the satisfying sight of a gratifying end?
What are you doing looking at your shoes
Though comfortably fit,
Uncomfortably you?
If you ever saw anything,
You'd saw off the memory,
You'd dissolve all your enemies
And call out with no cause.
Underline all their flaws
With an underlying scowl
For their pride in the style
Of living on the prowl.
Yes, these bothering waters are a natural light,
It's the scent that we rent for the descent of the night.

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