the stars, the sea, and sleep.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The scales have been tipped!

From within the depths of iron mass
Which concrete walls contained,
The panthers stalked their rebel prey
who took their name in vain.
A silence came that hushed the men
Who trained in grit and grime,
Then a voice bellowed a fearful cry,
"Now it's about that time!"

Their muscles tensed
And their hearts raced,
Pumping orange and white.
This was a war we had declared
Far more than just a fight.
It was a matter of honor
A matter of pride
It wasn't just a game,
They took them both a year ago
And put us all to shame.

But now we marched on our own field
Defending our own name,
Our heads held high
Our armor strapped tight
Yeah, it was that time again...

Here came the rain
Here came the flood
Here came the storm again.
Here came the fire
Here came the fight
Here came the rebels' end...

So pack it up and close up shop
Because now the war is through,
Today was redemption
No mercy at all
The field painted navy blue.