the stars, the sea, and sleep.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Adding insult to inquiry.

You convulse your words of worthless ash
With blackened lungs and tired wind,
To satisfy your ego, that burning rash
To compliment your drinking binge.

You boast and brag
You take a drag
You think that you're supreme,
You live in envy
You live in contempt
Your head is full of steam

So you chug and tug
And toot your horn
Thoughts narrow as the rail
You're out of fire.
You're out of coal.
Your insults are turning frail.

To challenge me and my heart's beat
Is to genuflect in your submission!
It's to march your troops to my sturdy front line
And then forget your ammunition.

I'll mow you down!
I'll watch you drown!
Keeping your cement shoes nice...
Though this isn't a dance,
And this isn't a ball,
But you're prancing on thin ice.

So I suggest you back down
Put the gun on the ground
As empty as it may be,
Like the threats that you fling
An innocuous sting
There is no destroying me.

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