the stars, the sea, and sleep.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Quick, Our Youth Escapes Us!

I'm attacked by the sofa's floral patterns
While wearing my Sunday's best
Sitting here, dressed to impress
But drowning in nervous sweats

Be professional.
Be calm.
Look charming.
Look on.
Stay Focused.
Stay clear.
No whining.
No tears.

Oh, how I wish I was young again
The innocence and the scars
Mac n' Cheese, I want more, please!
Wish upon a shooting star

But there's no mother here to hold my hand
No father to lean on his shoulder
Nothing else left, but the task at hand
I guess this is getting older...

So suck it up and like the couch
Answer clearly and look neat!
This interview sucks,
I want to go home,
Only nerds go to MIT.

1 comment:

benafito said...

I like your style. Smooth with a touch of unrest.