the stars, the sea, and sleep.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


I woke up in debt.
There were two sets of problems I didn't forget,
Nor did they forget me.
They called my name the three hours I slept.
Oh, the haunting sound of wanting death,
Them, wanting to be finished.
I, wanting the same.
And in seven long hours, it finally came.
(A moment of silence for
The paper, the lead, and the sanity lost.)
Even with the handicap of twilight before dawn
The sun still beat me to the finish,
But even then I was not finished.
My only wish was that my untitled 03
Would share this liter of class with me
And we'd lie like lions out in the sand...
Or sit in my room listening to our newest brand.
And our coffee cups must be shooting stars
As they shone in projected light,
Preceding the night that would soon be ours
When we, on the rooftop, would let out our roars.
Here's an ode to the Fruit Loops I apparently had
And to the friendships that sail with no anchors to drag.

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