the stars, the sea, and sleep.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Let me just pretend, just for a second
That these hailstones are just blunt arrows
That got cold without their quiver
And this vertical river stiffens from a long trip
As I watch from the inside,
Sipping my tea and breathing in balance.
A great idea tips at the ledge of my tongue
Only to be swallowed in nervous gulps,
Because you found me out.
I'll stand in the doorway with my hands in the air,
You know I would never walk in.
I've already walked out before
And my only re-entry would be
Gliding back down to earth,
Not a care in the world for all that it's worth.
I hope the inertia of your courage
Will swing you back in step,
Because that globe will keep on spinning
Through your excitement and regret.
I hope both your holding hands
Hold the happiness I hated
And your laughs will spark a sun
Where all my dull-lit stars had faded.
These hailstones wake me up
To a separate, simple light.
It's gray with no surprises
And it whispers, "You're alright."

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