the stars, the sea, and sleep.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Lights Out And Then On Again

Incessant dents beat through the night
And take the long way finding light.
Just one day? Sure, it's okay.
Just one more? Yeah, that's alright.
Another night?...Do I have a choice?
Each night I pull, pulls at my voice
Until I'm in silent disbelief.
After all I've been taught,
I've forgotten sleep.
These rings will keep me up tonight
As I hope the bell curve serves me right
Because nocturnal hell starts very soon
And I'll be spinning madly with the moon,
Crashing like the waves induced,
Like flashing hours of no use.
I'll write my wrongs from black to blue
As the color dissolves like visible moon.
The light of day has just begun...
I'll say good morning to the sun.
I'll pay my dues in money, time,
And reach for the stars, but then fall back in line.

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