the stars, the sea, and sleep.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Car Crash Dream

A neon orange violation violently rocks my head
That bangs like the rusted windshield pulled up and let go
To see what measly dollars would be pulled from my pockets
Well at least this time I didn’t forget to lock it.
There is a crowed across the street
The loudest ones are those who saw it
Or who couldn’t stomach spacious metal
Now crushed like a coke can,
One that you’d find up against the divide
Of the subway stairs in which it had pried.
A thousand cranes couldn’t be made
So a metal beast of one had to do.
And as it was removed
The crowd did crowd as gasps and murmurs ensued
Bloody metal and chipped paint,
Mauled, a man who stained the sidewalk and stairs.
I turned around because I couldn’t stare
So instead I prayed to every saint.
God bless, wake me up from this mess.

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