the stars, the sea, and sleep.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Foothill and Volta

My yellow hoodie looks so good,
Shining brighter than the sun,
My wayfarer shades look hipster-hood
Keeping me hot like smoking guns.
But there's one shot I'll take
And it's sporting home attire,
The freshness coming out
Just as the temperature gets higher.
I felt a liar with my coats
To hold my warm thoughts close,
Draping all my sun-soaked summer dreams
In cold New England ghosts....
But here comes the sun!
Here comes that proud Los Angeles one,
Always looking west
When he's looking for some fun:
The beach,
The view,
When he comes home soon,
Oh, and masochistic runs!
He's found stability in the east
And has solved and resolved things,
He's noticed blossoms in friends' lives;
It's the coming wave of spring!

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