the stars, the sea, and sleep.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Thankful for Strangers

A held breath is relieved
And the pressure released.
This air escapes lungs,
So heavy and free.
Remembering the first part,
Wearing a threaded heart,
I prided the worn out edges,
The holes and the stains
That would set me apart
After you picked me apart.

But fluorescent lights have always lit my face,
And this improper heart
Has found its improper place
Propped up in a vacant hole in my chest,
Etched out from the hollow crystals
That always seemed to get the best of us.

And the best of me is what you'll get.
And we'll see where we place careful steps.
A dance we know we never had,
A chance to find out where we are.
The farthest distance in my head
To meet when we get in my car
And reach for the stars,
Traffic lights in our eyes,
Driving down these boulevards.
Familiar streets and your familiar sweet scent,
Fermenting the dreams that I'd forever invent.

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