the stars, the sea, and sleep.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Reverence to Genesis

Hello everyone,
Hello to myself
Since I follow this more
Than anyone else...

This garden is a temple,
Its harvest is a prayer
That leaves my lips and drips
Down the slits and nooks of time.
This prayer is hope,
This prayer is mine.
Growing and dying
By seasons' decree,
I'm digging down deeper
And spilling out seeds.

They grow into thoughts
That sit on my shelves,
They occasionally clutter
And bring me up hell...
I do it for the glory
I do it for the pain
I do it for the stains
I can never wash out;
Nicks on my pride,
Pricks in my side,
Heart on my sleeve,
I'd never believe how much I have changed.

I've wandered these Fields for exactly a year;
This heart is still beating
These lungs are still breathing
My love is still dear
And I'm glad that I'm here.

1 comment:

KateA said...

Happy anniversary! Your writing has only gotten more and more incredible with every post.