the stars, the sea, and sleep.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Come Down

Threes split with intentions laid out for a few.
Assist, I run towards a lighthouse with frosted glass.
Misunderstandings of what to strive for
Dive hollow seeds to keep the morale up as the heat beat down.
Fire, ice, fire, ice, sugar, yeast, and water.
Let the river speak beside demands laid out explicitly.
Both quietly winding from no definite basis,
Covered in silt and becoming of open curiosity,
Slips between skin and leather
Summer makes its final remarks.

Fours split with intentions laid out for a few.
Assist, a horseless carriage runs past a backlit clock.
Too twins looking into mirrors is just bent glass
That divides light by the Common denominator,
And quarters make change where it is due.
Could the water ever feel this cold?
Final remarks carved ink into amber pages;
Come down together: the ring, the cross,
and the thought of knowing what is better
To quell having known no other.

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