the stars, the sea, and sleep.

Sunday, August 2, 2015


And as the sun crept through the back door,
Nipping at our bare feet,
A distant thunder came soon thereafter,
To which you were his echo
And a storm that left down uneven steps
In a hurried patter that washed, but did not absolve.

I grasped my arms and gasped for breath,
Cashed my karma and danced with death.
I counted the seconds that would be hours
That shouldn't have been ours, but seemed to be.

Gentle raps met across a gentleman's door,
There was grain in our glasses and grain on the floor,
And nostalgic indulgence hung thick as thieves
Where your pale light spread across a distorted sky,
And a deep blue fixation mixed into sweet hazelnut dye,
Round after round after round.

The blocks were spinning and the gears were grinding,
Rubber was greased wherever patience had no timing.
Precipitous - what slipped between us and a dark road
That drove us into a skid and out of control,
Down the rabbit hole, past everyone we know,
Until we were pressed against a jagged edge
That would fray the night into foil trays and frosted windows.
Unfamiliar keys put the wings on this fictitious score,
And we reconvened in disbelief, up three stories, nothing more.

When Juno came by, we were all unprepared
A second stage repeated? No, I wouldn't dare...
But if you open the door, I'll let the flood gates open
So let it all out now and take it in unspoken.

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