the stars, the sea, and sleep.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Opposing Locomotives

So, how exactly did you find yourself
Spread so thin and folded along the center
Divided somewhere in between your god and his country,
Your faith put on display.

Gesturing toward the tradition,
We were gravel cars running lines through the night,
Unfaltering in our momentum,
Screeching on rails as gravity commanded our direction.

I may never come to know the weight you carried under your breath,
A definition of love that barreled blind in your own light.
But as my own, we still carried as a chorus,
Rattling down what we had buried in the ground
And hooked into my waist as I belted from the pews.

My congratulations and condolences,
We cannot stop running in fear of falling,
But we're gasping and grasping for the radio
Calling out despite the static
To have faith despite the vacancy.

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