the stars, the sea, and sleep.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Keep The Fire Burning, Forgetting It’s There

You told us it was basic
Concealed in obvious identities,
The monotonic melodies that
Called back those faces.
You faced me. You thanked me.

Light and mischievous like the quick
Touch of your chin and back.
It wasn’t much, in fact, it was too…
Much has put us in a set path too…
Fast for the past to catch up with,
Days late, but never turning back.

There once was a stage
That would never be repeated.
Siblings stayed family and formally greeted
Neither past, nor present, but in seconds flat.
I held you this fort,
Burned to hell and back.

A practice that I’ve detested—
A nip of playful aggression to
A light press against my neck,
Fingers clinging and curled
For a heart that I’ve protected,
Remind me that time’s a dance
Never waits, never sways
As I dip you into sunlight
A forward payment on investment

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