the stars, the sea, and sleep.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Letting off the Steep Steps (35 and Pedro)

You'll find one in every state:
The gentle rustle as you graze over each one,
Calmly unsettling.
Like the caricature undone
Traced as the lines that run between
Your hand and your family name--
Now both rest in an empty frame.
A bed unmade for interrupted dreams
To stay warm under the sheets
Asking for five more minutes, please...
For the broken waves of stuttered speech...
Three feet in a yard laid between...
Too close to call who won.
Blurred names came clean as I got closer to the screen,
An exhale against the grate as I let go of something great
Evaporated but stuck in the humid air.
So we rode in silence.
And every wasted word was capitalized
As if you'd make a statement,
And maybe I'd find what this state meant for me.

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