the stars, the sea, and sleep.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Day 39: Who Protects The Sleeping Whom

"7:30 wakeup call in sick again," sings the alarm bell
The heater rings, made home the most pleasant hell.
So I took my coffee green with kin bounded legally
And familial ghosts of my savior passed through the tinted glass.
It was a holy fever or my mind left scrambled in a busy parking lot,
For the time spent on the hood of a black car
While all the other ones passed.
I saw no pine, but there was a zephyr in the sky,
Mixed green cut down under blue, this is me and truth.
I found my kin had found some kids
Finding a childhood I once did,
Two guitars and a xylophone
That started with a "z"...
Them and me, yes this is we
Now this is you, now go to sleep
Truth had left, now it's just me.
Remember floral waiting seats
Remember radiology
I had left, but now it's me
Them and me, now this is we.

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