the stars, the sea, and sleep.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Listening To Daughters

This morning is cloudy
The sheets are undone
This heart pours out sugar
Through buttons undone.

Dark is the night,
The wind glides on ice.
My bed has become a foreign place
Where I sit suspended
In pretended kept space,
Tracing lights in colored streams
That gleam out from these floating dreams.

And what it seems is what I've seen
And what I've seen is how it ends.
Cities burn for habits unlearned
That churn until perturbed again.
The nerve again for coastal norm
That came in left in sudden storms
That gave me weather far from home
I'd rather not must spend alone.

Casual Reassurance

Blood sits quietly
And waits its turn.
Churning, this heart
But subtly yearns
For the fading burns
Of Epsom salts.

I had cut my open palm
On the broken glass
Of preserving balms,
Conserving the calm
In the calling of storms
Where hurricanes dictate the norm.

Some things will always go forlorn,
An unaired wound will remain torn,
So we breathe.
So we keep our heads above the water
And hope that mine will not get hotter.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


May this prove responsive
Though my beat peaks in Boston.
The L.E.D. screen screams in bleeps,
"I am lost!"
But arterial maps always lead me back home.
And lyrics snaps tell me I'm not alone,
I am here.
Somewhere near the edge
Of the glass,
Of the past,
Its prison is warped in the prisms of tears.

I peer in and seer skin
From the sharpness of it all:
A distinct recollection,
I drink from my reflection.
It is thick with the sickness of a love mid-
Sentenced to the senseless sense of solidarity.
But she visits,
And her kisses,
Always there with me.

We make rounds to the sounds
Of a tune of never ending,
The prisoned past passes
Through the white light-prism bending.
So I'm still chasing rainbows
And I'm still where the rain goes,
Always and forever,
She took the best weather.

This rainstorm's a brainstorm
Most days of the year,
So forgive the rhythm-patter
You seasonally hear.
And sometimes you need,
So you can relearn,
The sturdiest bridges can never be burned.
Thanks for compassion,
And thanks for concern,
Consider this finished:
A message returned.

Monday, September 28, 2009

The Lock-In

Slavery split up nice,
But production's put on ice.
Where are the beers?
This is nowhere near focus.
Attention's at its lowest,
We're the slowest from the start.
But this glue will cool
As we tool it all night,
Putting together
To never pull apart.
Radiate a mass of land
With the wobbly fist
Of a can-clutched hand,
Which broke the fall
Onto the floor on which you slept
And then on which you eventually wet.
On which the other threw a shout,
The flow reversed,
And spilled about.
This is viral and embarrassing,
The way brotherhood is meant to be.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Mixed Drinks and an Ominous Swing

This is me raised to the third degree:
The music, the book, the bitter and sweet.
Remember the beginning?
My memory is thinner of a sinner without sinning.
Together we were spinning,
But grinning every time,
Because it was all ours.
And every time I recycle this theme
I’ll always remember you singing with me.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Principles of Exclusion

I see hospital lights.
I see them through tired eyes.
And I've tried to decipher
A life more estranged
By the rivers and mountains
And miraculous range.
Its not hard to see
Something you've worked for
In danger,
When they start growing older
And looking like strangers.


I etch hours into the bower
That is this youthful mind,
Taking too much youthful time
Well spent hell-bent on being it all.
Pushing forty out of none,
There's work
There's play
There's sleep,
Choose one.
The moment I had left
I promised for the best.
But when it came to hit,
There's nothing in me left.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Tickers are scissors
Reflections on my neck
I can't keep myself in check
If I don't respect the clock.
Pillow shock from the withdrawal
I'm all in and talking talk.
Walking walk right off the edge,
Pull the sheets back on my bed.
I'm tired,
But I'm trying to shake the sleepies
All out of my head.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Heavies Then Lights

And we start it where we all left off,
Where we all trailed off into the next day.
But I found its secrets!
They're puckered in the kisses
That miss the mark.
Parabolic hypnotics,
They took the hydraulics out of this day.
Lids cover my eyes,
I'm under the gun,
Running from cross-hairs,
It's been a long one.

Monday, September 21, 2009


Oh, it's such an impossible task
When echoes are meadows,
I lay in the grass.
I took for granted the planted moments
That passed ever so quickly...

I scramble the pebbles along the bank.
Pointing an arrow towards where the sun sank,
A perfect ending.
A perfect bending of light,
The curved around the earth
And birthed joy in my life.
You were a toy for my eyes
That held you like a doll,
Your buttons,
Your stitches,
What a beautiful call.

And all it took were some seeds in the ground
That rooted and raised
That blossomed each day,
That whispered in wind, a soothsayer sound.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hung Up

This was the greatest story ever told.
And I'm waiting for it to get old,
But there's no one else who knows this song.
So it sticks with me.
It pricks me in the sides saying,
"I'll never let you hide me."
This is something that couldn't stay home
Insatiable and never filled.
I'm carting Jesse up a hill
And if I ever had the will,
I would never want to sleep alone.
I don't ever want to sleep alone.


I still hear your voice
Tucked between vibrations of familiar songs.
A familiar wrong
Was that I never had it right,
But we made it through alright...
We made it through those nights
Dipping shadows into light,
Sipping romance from your eyes.
Siren eyes.
Fatally magnetic and I'm pathetic once I get it,
But I had it all along:
I'm feeling lower,
You're getting bored and
Pushing forward,
Moving on...

Saturday, September 19, 2009


I might forget this,
I might regret this,
But yeah...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Summon You

A crooked carriage reels you in,
The horseman lost his head again.
I wander plains of worn out graves
Moaning for forgotten names.
A table set with dirty sheets
Wines picked from the dying trees.
I took the cue and made a toast,
A summer hue in sudden ghosts.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Delightful distractions
Attract these eyes to temporal demise.
Your life is refractions,
A fraction of what I had been in your eyes.
We quietly go on with our lives,
Definitive renditions of a factor of lies,
Necessary components to a long-sought stability.
If I had the ability to choose,
It would always be mine,
But everything's perfect and it's all out of time.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Magnetic Eyes

Circuitry and alkaline,
Something's here that isn't mine.
A stolen spark from the '84 DeLorean
No, this something isn't mine anymore.
But this core is reacting,
Forever more
Forever storing,
More consistent with more precision,
Magnets do not make decisions.


I maximize neatness
In this incompleteness
That's gone completely out of hand,
Like the pin that falls
With every grain of sand,
Demanding a moment taken.
Input without a turnaround.
The hourglass will keep its ground.
Every second has its sound.
And every minute,
I am in it.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Silent Night

Backdrop of tiny boxes of light,
Reflective skies warm your back tonight.
Here is my comfort,
Here is some other thing I plucked from your eyes,
Gracious and spacious,
A delicate light.
Stay warm and sleep tight,
I'll make sure you're alright.
It's been a silent night
Now that you've closed your eyes.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Under the Garage

There's a fluctuation
In dedication to my mind,
But I've taken my time
And I've waited in line
For this state of mine.

This is where games
Become the gravity of now,
Pulling us in,
Giving us in
To something never intended.

I pretended many things.
And I'm sucking out the poison in my skin.
There is a magnitude of disgrace
Holding the walls to this placebo effect.

Noses erect, we hunt.
A stunt never doubled,
We're going through the trouble
Of a concrete bubble
Where instincts are vicious
And judgment will miss us.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Woods and Nauset Vastness

Rain patters on my jacket.
My face glows in the fire
Growing slowly.
I retire my back
And drops illuminate
Seconds before impact,
And then there's a feeling intact
From fulfilling attacks on me.
I turn back to the fire
And repeat.

But then I leave.
The ocean breeze calls me
With its squalls howling in,
As darkness grows and falls
Over me.
I can't see anything,
But the crests of waves,
Yet I brave the front.

And I am small,
I am so small.
We mean absolutely nothing
When we stand on the divide
Of the vastness of nothing...
I can open my eyes.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Replacing Names with Similar Faces

There's never enough
But I'm making mine
Like a needle that fits into grooves,
I am fine.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Brain Pressure

Brainstorming with my head in the clouds,
Oh yes this is how,
Yes this is just how it flows.
Like the slow churning
Cool burning
Of an ominous breeze,
Right outside my window.

Why do we invite hurt,
Becoming blood brothers
With poisonous words?
Because they are words.
Humans hoard and then get bored,
So then they hoard again.
And we swear off our bias
And we wear out our names
Worth no more than the check
And the ink of the pen.

We build up our fake deaths
And then we all make bets
And then we make regrets,
But now I have digressed...

Chapter II

Bracing for the bite
Of razor sharp or chewy gum.
Hours shower quick
As I stand under the gun.
Here it comes,
Here it comes!
Four years have come to this.
Tomorrow I find out
Just how hard it really is...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Happy Where I Am

Always right in
Never left out
Always spicy
Never bland.
Fitting smoothly in the grooves,
A soothing now I am.

Monday, September 7, 2009


Recurrences disturb,
Occurring at the waking moment
Lingering slowly that
Vinegar spoils the levity of life.
Dyspepsia is mixing with a drink never had,
Unidentifiable in the sugar dreams and sand.
Desaturation exaggerates a truly unbalanced state
So that somber politicians tie flags on their faces,
Gagged and bound like true gentlemen.
Lied-out, they stay silent
Debating the dead,
The memories unsettled
Ghosting somewhere in my head.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Wood Horse War

Fight for me,
A ghost to be
In one week's time.
What's your name?
You forgot mine.
We're there before the line,
You're stepping over mine.
It's been a while since I've been me
It's been a while since anything...
Just tell me what's it that you seek
Stealing presents from the Greek?

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Always a day behind
I haven't got the time to find
My peace of mind
The pace of mine is far too fast
Letting not the good times pass by.
You and I,
Yes, we all see
These people will be there for me.
Because families are familiar
And friends are made of memories.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Coffee Cake

And coincidence.
I've coined it ever since
It jingled in my pocket,
Shining in the timing
So tight that I could lock it,
Deadbolt and key,
He is answering me.
He wipes time off our clothes
From when we are young,
Finding a closeness,
River and sun.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Another Quiet "Goodnight"

Push one out on the house of cards
On which I stand,
Shaking my fists with shaky demands.
Inhale for every sentence,
Exhale for every pause,
Open your hands
And clench your jaw.

There is a dullness that knocks at your head,
Inertial and certain as your chance is dead,
For now.
Wishing best for months self-served,
Enamel cracks as you turn your backs
One had paused,
The other stopped,
Thoughts as fast as hummingbirds.

It's time to share,
Though unwillingly so
And unwillingly slow.
Hold your life against a plot
And you think you know
A bittersweet is what you'd meet
But this rewrite I demand.
I'm speaking as the jealous man
To all the people I don't know.
But now you know...
And I'd hope so.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


An onslaught of zeros
Reminds me that there is
No hero
To this story,
Because there is no story.
I reach into these pockets
To find a proper allegory,
A category drowned
In the glory of victorious,
Of lonely neuron
Chasing neuron
With something pure on
Vast azure.
Turning blue,
I stay true...
So I reach into these sockets
To find something that's shocking to me.
I jostle the urge of disabled nerve,
Yet all cannot have,
And none I deserve.

Snowflakes in the Dark

Pop the lights out,
Talk and find out
That there's stout resolution
After accepting the inclusion
Of silent things.
My retinas don't sting.
Many hours, not a thing.
Listen for the sightful
In the quiet and dark.
Glisten in the night folds,
Undeserved and stark.