the stars, the sea, and sleep.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

You Win.

And at this point we don't know
Whose face hides behind a silhouette,
But we make bets made of promises
And we know how long it's been,
Not how long it will be. But it's
Something I couldn't lose
To(o,) someone else.
And dreams will keep it alive.
Filing a request for a returning flight
To hold onto my back upright,
Faces and figures collect and collide.

When We Thought 2000 Was The End

Damn this given beauty not given to me,
The storm that clears over the east
The silence on the moon
The coldness on the beach.
I never found the innocence,
I got in right as they were leaving.
I never had the reflections and the water
Or the constructive waves to make you more than up.
Now you make love when you're sad and you drink to be happy.
And it can fill up the room from the ground to the ceiling,
There's no liquid or sound that could drown out this feeling.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Wearing Nostalgia, Swimming with Sharks

I was spoken to in slowed-down French
In a room where we learned about our bodies.
The popcorn popped like mistreated audio
And plastic wrappers luminesced in flavorful light.
There was familiarity in kinesthetic
Recognition heartbeat bass drum,
Like the things that this coat has felt,
The pressure between skin
And the hot then cold then hot again.
I'm glad you're still here
And my shortened breaths still count,
And your hands can still cover
All the things I can't surmount.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Take More Away

It's four in the morning, having lost so much sleep.
Time to take some more away from the earth,
What clumps and rolls on nothingness,
That is covered in meridians and datelines
To give me this very day, shifted in phase.
We make levelers for stability,
But all that is to be done is point.
Give a direction with a purpose that's viable,
Because this kind of something
Isn't consciously justifiable.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Measured In Lumens

It started on an off-chance glance,
Checking the texture and viscosity
Of folded paper in shaded pixels.
What you need is nothing given
As shown by the length of each line.
You're taking deeper breaths now
And tucking yourself into a smile.
You've found your self-governance
And everyone in you obeys it,
All your demons sound asleep
Under the angel light they pray in.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

With What's Left

The morning found its proper place,
Awake and taking small steps
Like the baby born in her belly.
She is a sickly hope in a thin sundress
Who twirls to match the madness
And reveals skin smooth as satin.
Crisp skies had been preheated,
To keep us happy or kill us quick,
So the phrases keep up with every year:
If she warms up, she just might stick.

Monday, October 25, 2010

The Great Don't Fall In Limbo

The soil bears her own scars
From cities razed and refounded.
The dates read on each sarcophagus
Are older than the sacred ground itself,
Thousands of plots for a line of best fit.
Only the heart of the matter
Is found from the incision that cuts through
Well and pipe that burst in synchronization.
The sound of glorious horns play like the devil's
That teases you with his woeful tremors.
Reciprocate and fall in love,
Sharing breaths with the ground,
Blow a kiss, stay above.


If I could, I would keep the sun poised in the sky,
And all the light would touch unnoticed
But then crescendo to warmth to never leave.
Yet every leaf has its color to show
As it is brought down to earth,
To fall out of line in a beautiful pattern
That we only have the capacity to call chaos,
Until we are derailed and violent sparks singe
The subtle uncertainties we almost forget to say.
I'm going back to lay the tracks
That would lead me to this day.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Mr. Spoonerism

There's release in the trashcan and it's free in the air,
Lawnmowers haunt the late yawners
And cracks in old fabric expose a near escape.
At this point, days stop going by the dates.
A desk is turned into life's misinterpretation
In the form of irony and alcohol.
We come to leave our state of being
Perpetually, dissatisfied like the shuttles
That return in paranoia that they are spinning
And the world is what is standing still.
Do you hide your thrill in hand-hiding pockets
When returning rockets prove your feet on the ground?
Then why does the moon pull the shores and your frown?
Why do you smile when no one else is around?

Friday, October 22, 2010

A Factor of Four Hours

Obsessive, compulsive, regressive, comes close to
The rest of a day pad unstacked out of grasp,
Perfected nostalgia for immediate past.
Sometimes there's no time to walk through the door,
So we go on the roof and find something to land on.
You can throw me a bone to eat off the floor,
I'm still digging up ground just to have one to stand on.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Safety Net Syndrome

Our prisons are made of glass and of hell
With a door always open to the last thing we left,
Our captors. They are our rapture that makes us
Rattle our Faraday's cages as the charges build up,
Guilty of our own freedom to hope or to sleep.
Its presence is a blue tear in a gray sheet,
Resilient, persistent, piercing, complete.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Smooth Brained

I felt it with my head against the wall,
The plastered talk left unmastered
So that I overstepped and fell off the thrown,
On which I broke my crown.
There I laid,
Asleep on a heavy hand that left a ring in my ears.
Now here I am,
And I can't fall asleep without the sound on.
I wouldn't mind one more night
With your heart murmurs' warmly drowning.

Heads or Tales

There once was a boy with a disappearing coin.
It shined like diamonds or faded like dust,
And so was his trust in reality.
He put his money into philosophy and lust
To find a deeper meaning in skin.
There once was a man with no past of his own
Who resembled a boy that had already grown,
He became magician, bought a coin for a trick,
Gave his trust to a boy, and disappeared sick.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


My life changed with eight letters and a name
A seven-digit call turned a dial tone to a vein
In six breaths vomit came in cleansing
With five more minutes spent in explanation
A four-paragraph eulogy
To the three words of shape-shifters
The steady collision of two stellar bodies
Or the one note for a bird to sing a song,
Count on me to find the words to say
Too much.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Presesnt Push

Swallow your tongue so your heart can find
The words to be savored the most,
To be put in the sheets an earnest ghost.
It will haunt your pillowcases
Where you listen for your dreams
That float up in short whispers of silent night.
It becomes the light in your eyes,
Leaving you mentally blind before you speak.
A simple connection, the ground to your feet.

Suddenly We're Out Again

It started when it ended and it went on long enough,
Internal clocks revolted and took control of all my trust
So that riverbanks crumbled into a muddy flow of wine,
And I slipped into shivers because this body isn't mine.
I've been adding up semantics to reject the blood in value,
So just listen to this story that I don't have time to tell you.

Friday, October 15, 2010

First Winter

Stars move fast when made of water,
Splashing far into the sky
And lighting up whatever they'd like.
I hold my umbrella tight,
A final stand against a falling sky,
Falling sideways, howling wild.
I stumbled on heaven's porch
And felt a kid again.
But one knee rested on the tile
As it was taken once more,
Tugged towards the floor
But smirking drunk sincerity,
A hand over the surface
Keeping a steady pressure.
Her hands were made of ice
And it felt in frigid pleasure.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cloudy Eyes

44 hours are heavily darkened circles
Having been drawn over too many times
From too many days and too many nights.
Pile on to keep the conscious balanced,
But in a while the scale will break.
The chains are stable pulses,
Electric anchors along my nape.
Metaphysical decapitation
Sends rolling dreams on a winding road.
I must be running on amazing,
Or extremely stupid, falsely bold.

American Eater

I've been wrong about many things
Like the pockets of air kept under my skin,
The cracking sound of dry earth in hot light.
They're throwing dirt on me, burying me if I don’t move.
It's not that I don't focus enough,
It's just that I put too much focus into everything.
Too much focus makes clarity piercing,
Popping the locks on stability.
You asked for it, now answer the door,
Those heavy eyes, once yours, drag up from the floor.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Red 40

There are many things I believe in,
Symmetry to say the least,
The amazing things that come to meet me here,
Shiny plastic and sweetness at the door.
Silent words and stomach birds
Pick everything off of the floor,
And put them back into place and listen.
A decrescendo falling for a magician made
Of flavoured candy and coloured kisses.

Fold Until Collapse

Everyone has a bomb to drop,
Attachments detached from all emotions
Embraced with the kiss of hot wax.
The face melting stroke in pen
Tattooed until blue,
Impressions left on the surface.
But it remains washable, non-toxic
Like the clever creases in each page.
Tie up your rage in a curlicue
It's petty and trite,
A papercut and nothing new.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Highly Inertial

Past slowly connects with present and I'm shocked,
Favorite t-shirts used to have so much color.
This life is lightning through smudged glass
That leaves foggy impressions against our lips
And makes us trip over untied shoes,
Endings that didn't quite settle in the ground
Suddenly uprooted in light.
This shiny belt leaves crystal welts
That nature does clothe so well,
Just keep your head up,
You're covered enough
To brave the cold weekend swell.

All Digits But A Limb

There are open swords in this gentleman's court,
And dogs run about with letters in their mouths,
Barking out their orders with nothing spelled out.
Don't make me forget the details in texture of skin,
The portrait I left on the warrant of arrest,
Indigestible on the table where this crime was set.
I'd rather walk into the depths than stand up in objection,
The blood was rejected where your blade came to rest.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Casual 7 a.m.

Crack the sky open when nothing is left
And let the morning come in over easy.
Tensile strings in my back tug tightly
So that sails stretch out to dawn,
Agape and gulping air and grasping.
Fingers play with cloudy strands of hair
And cotton gets caught in my throat.
A light cough wrestles the silence
That nestles itself in the room,
Four walls went down so casually,
A Friday never too soon.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Yeah, You know.

And then everything starts going faster.
Every moment starts flashing by,
Stuttered cameras and your loss of breath.
It is beautiful and it is is gone,
Home was never home where you had felt it all along.
Names turn into memories of the daylight that remains,
The future looks as blindly as the past that stays the same.

Honesty Without Conviction

Sleeping through sirens was never enough.
I'd roll up my cuffs to build a fire,
But they were tight like the light breaking down
When prevailing winds started blowing smoke.
Oh, but I could see through the lamination,
Cataracts collected on my eyes,
And the contamination was set in stone.
You never know how light the dark is
Until it is reflected upon you,
Perplexed one more time
Imperfected as it spells out on the line.
A capital to the morning,
A period for the night.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Rest Assured

We sit like scissors on a patch of fray,
Cutting through to the honesty.
You're the only one who could promise me
That intimate blows of stitches to stomach,
Not kisses mixed with tonic water,
Could never clench so hard
As to break my certainty.
In every resonant frequency,
The absurdity is worried away
From the words stirred into all that you sang.
The background breaks in,
A shaking earthquake, hands to peace.
Sweet seismic lullaby, swing me to sleep.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Feeding Off Stability

Feeding off stability,
The guilt spoken on my chest as I laid on my back.
I'm trying to balance mistakes on a scale,
But there's no point in tipping
The butcher or the waiter.
It can be pulled apart in any way you want,
But this kind of patience is maiming.
It's kept so rare as to have a life
Uncorrupted, untrusted by the judicial eye
That peaks under the blindfold.
This blood now boils by association,
The bitter masterpiece tastes of unripe delicacy
And its sour seeds burn from a tarnished creation.

Escalante Feeling Revival

I stood screaming at the water,
At my hazy reflection of so many stagnant days.
I counted the seconds between each delay,
Touched the surface, and collided with
Everyone and everything thing
I wish I had given more time.
A 5-year reaction made this extraction pure,
How I could sleep insane tied town to a chair
With each heavy breath against a soft pillow,
So you could hollow me out with a carving spoon
For the echoes of a shimmering light,
Blinding fascination. I close my eyes,
Tenses agreed and consciousness resigned.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hey, You Beauty Supreme

A temporal displacement is the sun settling east,
Though we both screamed you were not.
We both forgot the good sting in our throats
So just shut up and sing with me,
From the quiet to the untitled
Three: Secrets kept in the basement
Are my faceless pennies thrown in couples.
But they roared like twin-engines deep,
The airplane drone tucked into constellations.
Encore, encore! Yet we are restless
And wrestle into a different sleep,
Sneaking out of the night and into the heat.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sleep Here

This time it's different,
But my safety words are those explicit.
Wrap them in good company,
Curled up on the futon or buried on the floor,
Hiding from the clarity of near frozen air.
Though they still all manged to slip on icy sleep,
And I too signed off my conscious lease.
Your hand was the mark; my imprint: initials.
Push me up against the city stars ever so gaudy,
So that every soft surface will have found a warm body.