the stars, the sea, and sleep.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Background Jesus

I keep looking for the multitracks
For a fulfillment that I won't get back,
The satisfaction of picking through each layer
And relishing in poignant embellishments,
The decorated screen on which confessions spilled,
Because I can only hear you when you shout.
Your heart made you a clot that stuck in your mouth.

The Consequences

Sleep deprivation caused deterioration,
The rings of your stem is a tree.
Leaves cracked and twigs snapped
When your naivety was pushed from a branch
By all of your pressing issues
That climbed up a ladder of priority.
You must find your swing or a swimming theme,
From each kick, each dance and every squeal.
Point your toes towards the clouds,
And wear your scars proudly,
But my child, you must let them heal.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Visiting Hours

A skeleton hung from a string
Against your closed window.
I was once a medium
And saw it from the other side,
I spoke to the future as the present,
A past that had long since died,
And was tied up in her beauty.
Mute me and fade to black,
Put my gift next to your ear,
And speak to anyone but me.
The sky is still as blue as I remember
And there is a piercing belief,
In a leaf turned red in bloody death,
That warmth will be born before December.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Returning To A Burning Building

No one breaking in, but all breaking out
I walked into the fire and out of the rain.
A lonely elephant parade made light,
Took up all the moisture
Into the cloisters of a silent saint,
An angel in casual ascension
As long a the cable stayed taut.
The ability to mourn
Is a divinity better left unsaved.
For the affinity to this still unmarked grave
Comes after I've earned the name I have made.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

For Things Turned

Tonight we trace our hearts in fog
Against the Cambridge skyline,
Over the city, under the sheets.
Out of my mind in the heat
Of a sun already sat down.
Take a breath start over this time,
The field is an ocean of reflected night.
We mirror our verbs and feel closer in time
For another inspection, respective
Of all the operations to derive.
Add up the letters between you and the sky,
Divide up the love for each day you're alive.

Well Needed, If I Can Remember

Throw alcohol on the fire
Feel it burn down your throat,
Breathing a familiar smoke passed away.
It is the dust from an urn,
The week died quietly and quick,
So suddenly stick mouths
Closed upon muddy thoughts.
You cease to remember the creases you forgot
Left at the bottom of heavy pockets.
From stepping in puddles, they are wet.
Overstepping into a rainclouds
Is the same sound that you kept
The change in altitude
As the cabin pressure dropped.
The air moves past my lungs
But nothing clung, no time to stop.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Use of Contractions

Subconsciousness in one's and two's
Now looked for rhythm in slow pulses,
Acoustics safe and sound indoors,
A warmer winter up six floors.
Mismatched eyes and faint melon sky,
The light washed over the paper screen,
A million colors clung on to me and you.
The ignition turned to candlelight
That kissed away the twisted knots
And put smiles in each pocket
As to not forget where we got them.
Let us fade simultaneously
From the gracious cranes that held the structure
Of hands and words that spelled each other.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Ride The Work Bus

The alarms went off at 7 .a.m.
But there was no wolf at my door,
Just a hooded morning
With my head so far from the floor.
But I'd make it on through the other side
Thinking the day I sleep is the day I die.
So I kept myself up
Scratching lead between lanes,
Criticizing each route taken,
Taking wishes from each plane.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Gold In Dirty Lungs

There are too many steps beneath each foot,
Too much ground to gain
With too much dirt that stains your pants
From the mountain you tried to scale
Digging deep to make it faster,
But only found yourself in a mine.
The gold came at a price,
A shortness in breath from all that helps you die.
I can't even remember how this lie was supposed to go.
I always have to go, but I just want to slow down.
I knew the timeline couldn't hold up
The swimming day the quickly drowned.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


A haunting ghost is more so haunted
When it is lost in the sheets,
Losing more in sleep under a heavy dream.
The clothes are clean tonight,
They lay unfolded, resting quietly.
No sleeves to pull, no collars to stiffen,
Power in indifference
Is the best gift I've been given.
I lost the score when I gave up,
Lying on the floor with green on my back
Waffles in the sky, my mind tracing back.
There's painter's tape around our trust,
I hope the memories were good enough.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sleep Robbers

A dream staged in conscious pages,
An open cage with adverse winds
Keeps these wings tucked in.
I never learned the difference
Between butterflies and moths,
Countdowns and clocks,
Something to gain with some sort of loss
Of words from ambivalence.
Optimism-realism, the bright side is brighter
From sunlight or fire in the dead of night.
Unintended egocentrism,
I sit in my chair and the room spins around me
Until the sun comes up to finally ground me.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Late Night Medical

I lightly packed a book bag full of snacks
That neither of us could ever stomach.
We were going on an adventure,
A vacation in surrealist claymation
With cracks in the sidewalk,
Cracks in the sky I held not to shatter.
When I had wished the world a little flatter,
I thought I'd left Guernica somewhere in you,
But your ocean ran a deeper blue.
I wish I only knew, dear,
I wish I only knew how to help you.

From The Ivy Vine

In pieces of three,
A family stretches along the sidewalk.
Older than the gum glued to the cement,
More tenacious as well.
A silent understanding is left by the draft,
As the rafters shook and shattered
Any question of the matter.
Walk tall, men, and give them a show,
Take those stomachs out their knots
And tie the timelines into bows.
This is timeless, fraternal to say the least,
Fallen like angels, awoken like beasts.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Second Take

This time with more bubbles,
This time with less trouble staying in the door,
Being able to see the floor before we'd fight
The covers, the other things lost in the night.
Libations were poured down my throat,
Some sour milk left a floury coat on my lips,
While sips turned into swallows
Until the deep cup was hollowed again.
Back in the dimly lit, a chimney spat out fire
From somewhere deep in the core,
Then the walk back was made easy
With a teasing count in three-four.

Friday, September 17, 2010

The Familiar Overlap

I pushed the diamonds towards the sky,
The heaven's pushed back with the bluest light.
Everything was enveloped
And the pictures came out undeveloped,
Unclear and misunderstood
That I could turn off the spark
And run on the phantom the lurks in the dark.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Current Times

Today is not tomorrow, but I stay up late enough.
The morning kicks the covers off,
The day rolls over the sky.
You hold your dearest coldest fears
In little packages of light.
A smile tucks underneath your lips
As silence diffuses in forthcoming night.
Our sun had settled in hazy warmth
To rise again for what it's worth.
It rests against my fingertips
And tests the potential stored.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Second Day Born

Trust becomes a trinket exchange,
Another lace ties over the bridge
Tuned to the sound of my own name.
The pound of a wave of water pressed against my skin
Lifted, I was walked through thin air again.
A lightness the likeness of assurance
Of a mailbox every morning, a message every night
And the movie didn't even matter in the end.
She wrapped the name around a solid heart
A piece put back in that she once took apart.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Observe Life

Sleep so fast like I'm going under
The weather, soft explosions of rain.
A runny nose is wiped off
A sunny ghost lights off at 3 a.m.
Firework smoke to cataracts,
My retinas burn in lightheartedness,
Tracing it up the tracks with no names
But veins running thick with current,
Tangles of lightning left to tame.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Cinnamon Eggs

Delusion is tied down with a braided ring,
A conclusion is drawn on the length of a string
To hold it together, the texture and color that
Dominates my wrist in clasping undertones,
Humming the harmonies in sweet afterglow.
How much sugar does it take to give way
From the words that you speak
That don't mean what you say?
The melody nuzzles against your warm throat
And the sickness dies down in its thickness of coat.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

LI/U Frequencies

The name is but a perceived notion of suspicion.
It becomes a prediction in the brain's matters,
Never to know what happens when the dialogue turns gray.
When past and present turns to shadows and light,
We jest at the truth to get past all the lies,
Rest after the work from the hands of a blind man.
Wine spilled into the sink after staining the wood,
Slipped into the grain of things we wish we understood.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

New Roslyn

Irises are songbooks in the color of your eyes,
A blindness in quotations turned the first day of a life.
Liquid crystal interests in holding onto the frays
Made you deacon of deception and master of crochet.
This textual hypothesis of fact is repetitious,
But stands just as progressive as the lovely coming back.
The inspections lasted all through the night,
Untangling laughter from the weeping willow.
Your silhouette stained on scented pillows,
And you clung to me like a silly band-aid
Where I've always needed it the most.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Cherry Pulse Night

Soft light and softer skin
Pale as moonlight
Starlit grin.
Noisy curtains beckon
And lessen my control on light,
Exposing the colors,
Those other from what the night
Had once brought on the table.
Forgotten there and spoiled,
The milk was left in the stable
But shook my bones just as well,
Deep enough to find reflections.
Keep track of your intentions,
Speak me out of logic
For the light to match the eyes,
I'll forget I ever taught it
And untie it from our minds.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Good Winter For A Better one

A fan pulling from a closed window,
Panning engines and hydraulics,
Fading in and gliding out.
Wind catches under your wings
And slips you off your feet.
I excuse the silent asymmetry
Hidden in backdrop melon light,
I've every evening to suspect
Falling asleep in retrospect.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


You want it for the classic sound.
It's warm, familiar...
Yeah, the real thing.
The steady spiral pulled you in
As fast as it scratched you out.
Now it's an itch in the inner ear,
Now it's a stitch loosely knit
On the shoddy sleeve,
But thought of near enough.
Try to hide what was exposed
When the edges are rough
And the contents are known:
A record heard as decoration
For it's been spun out of control;
You know what happens next,
But the needle won't let go.

Closer for the Strangers

The morning silhouetted a friendly toast,
The evening charred black on the eastern coast.
Glasses were held not in celebration,
But to make it out of focus, to see the bigger picture
Made by the light smeared from morning to night.
The rain pressed against my face
As I rolled on through the night,
Every care had been abandoned
We are reckless, but united,
With hope we'll be alright.

Monday, September 6, 2010


My trust funds are combustible,
I am a liar with a streak.
My lies leak across the table,
A deck in every suit to mask the joker.
A hushed spark of laughter in the library,
I keep my studies in a matchbook
With every trial and error lesson taught,
Fought for with guns cocked
And caressing match heads on the box.
I'd singe the tips from recognition
If I wouldn't feel a thing.
This blind hope was a candle
To burn ambition in gasoline.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Purple Silly Band

The only thing that is back
Is when that person turns away,
There is no snap in the symbol to mean
More than what's been said and done.
Intended to become just another,
A little too self-aware
A little more a brother.
I am a block in the race
With my feet stuck on the ground,
A barrel on my back
And my face towards the hounds.

Saturday, September 4, 2010


The ocean spills through my open window.
I could taste the salt on the corners of my lips.
Remember the fear of investment
Remember the crescent before the crash,
The water rolls back and pulls in some sand
And covers my feet as I sink where I stand.
Steady this time, with the water's regression
Don't forget the silhouettes of a deeper impression.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Eventually Clause

I wrote equations in the smoke,
Trying to hold the patterns in breaths
Of someone born with a crystal lung.
There were cautious steps
Pressed against fragile rungs
For the ascension into a precious suspension.
Fears were spun in a web,
Silence as soft as silk
As delicate as what the death of it would bring.
Your memory is left in golden strings,
Lesser every time I sleep,
Reduced to smoke that I can't breath.
I don't want to leave you here, eraser in ink.

False Alarm

This was a variation on a common theme,
A backlit reminder of where I've always been.
Because the sheets stayed still tonight,
The streets took back the night as quickly as it came.
I woke up in the morning looking for the seams,
But what seemed smooth were just the tightest stitches.
The river climbed up to the bridges,
The cutting room turned into the kitchen
Where I swallow it up until a new doctor calls.
The strength of a man depends on how well he falls.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Post To Date

A tired summer fever kept us wired from our sleep,
Waiting for the sun to rise, glued in sticky heat.
We burned classics from a week of trust contact
Until the morning light made new secrets
To be kept underneath the sliding seat.
Linen turned to waterfalls
Staying up and missing calls.
There's someone outside,
We lie and wait for the beep.
The alarms are coming early,
She convinces me to sleep.